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June 2012
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Following the successful introduction of the first Connected edition we are pleased to present a complete new edition, fully packed with information and updates on our products and markets.

MCL products are continually updated with new features and functions, keeping your applications state-of-art and matching todays market requirements. Our engineering team is working on some exciting new things that are now brought to market, including Camera Support and GPS.

Next, MCL brings new functionalities to the product range as a result of market trends. These include end-user demands for rich-user interface type of applications, offering more intuitive screens, which can drastically reduce the adoption and training time.

A recent survey, by Aberdeen, based on companies currently using voice on proprietary and high-cost voice devices that were common a number of years ago, revealed that 76% of these companies will consider new device manufacturers when they upgrade or refresh.

Additionally, 36% of the companies looking for a change indicated "We want a 'multi modal' device that has a screen, scanner and keyboard making the voice system more flexible and offering a much lower TCO".

Trust you value the information within this newsletter, more to come, stay Connected.

Kind regards,

Raymond Wolfert
MCL Technologies

Camera and GPS functionality available in MCL

Camera & GPSMCL applications are increasingly being implemented for 'outside the 4 walls' types of applications, including Field Service and Proof on Delivery solutions. Customers in these markets are selecting devices fully equipped with features and functions to performing their tasks.

MCL now incorporates support for Camera and GPS allowing users to take pictures and query GPS locations that can be used within the application.

GPS functionality is available on all Windows Mobile compliant devices supported by MCL, where camera functionality currently is available on the following devices:
Motorola- MC95/MC75A
Intermec- CS40/CN50/CK70/CK71/CN70
Honeywell- ScanPhone6000
Your terminal not listed? Request for support...

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Enhance Look & Feel of your MCL App

MCLScreenEnd-users are more frequently then ever exposed to consumer types of applications that bring new user interface application standards. Colors, graphics and icons are making the user interfaces rich and intuitive.

MCL recognizes this important trend and incorporated support for 'transparency' within MCL applications. This technique is used for designing applications with more intuitive screens that can drastically reduce the MCL applications adoption and training time. This results in a shorter ROI for the customer.

Transparency is supported on both CE and WM devices and requires minimum MCL-Client revision level 3.40 and MCL-Designer Plug-ins revision level 3.21.
These revisions are freely downloadable from our website for anyone within the V3.x product family.
Visit MCL-download pages for the latest releases

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Voice Trends to Capitalize on

MCL-VoiceVoice Picking systems have been used by logistics companies for many years. They have proven benefits such as improved efficiency and reduced error rates.
In addition to these performance optimizations, voice solutuions allows for implementation of advanced picking methodologies, such as simultaneous and multiple order picking to further increase labor efficiency.

Over the last 5 to 7 years companies that implemented voice solutions predominantly implemented on proprietary, high-cost voice devices that were common back then. Most of these devices are capable of performing only one task, which makes them less capable of taking the step into future requirements. As a result, many of these current companies are evaluating alternative solutions that are more flexible, can sustain future requirements, and most importantly delivering a lower TCO.

MCL is offering customers a valuable alternative to proprietary voice devices. Customers who have implemented MCL's Speaker Independent and Multi Modal Voice systems provided feedback stating that productivity, voice recognition performance (even in the most noisiest warehouses), implementation options and MCL's multi modal functionalities are very adapt to future requirements. Many of them commented they should have made the change much earlier as they've realized significant benefits in terms of training and operational costs.

In addition to the benefits coming from voice technology implementations, MCL Voice offers further advantages:

  • Speaker-independent technology, perfect for high-turnover facilities, reducing training costs and improving labor productivity.
  • Multi Modal and Multi Application features offering capabilities for not only using the mobile computer in voice oriented applications but also using your devices across the entire enterprise activities.
  • MCL-Voice runs on 'industry standard' devices, providing flexible, adaptive and portable voice solutions that offer the lowest possible TCO as it doesn't lock-in customers to proprietary, high-cost voice devices.

Aberdeen's report specifies that:
  • 36% of the current users of proprietary voice devices indicate they are looking for Multi-Modal functionalities as their changing warehouse operations are demanding it
  • 35% of the current users of proprietary voice devices indicate they want move away from expensive and proprietary accessories

Voice solutions from MCL are answering the market feedback and making it a very appreciated solution by both first time users and customers already experienced voice and ready for a change.

MCL-Voice solutions are offered by certified Voice Solution Partners only. They listen to your needs and deliver MCL-Voice solutions that best fits the requirements.

Want to know more about the possibilities of MCL-Voice or discuss your voice opportunities with us, click here.

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Easy Software Deployment with MCL-Deployment Manager

MCL-Deployment ManagerBringing mobile devices to the shop floor with feature-rich MCL applications delivers huge benefits such as improved labor productivity, flexibility due to a wide range of supported devices to choose from, and integration advantages delivered by MCL's optimized Bridges resulting in tremendous investment savings required to change back-end WMS systems.

How to bring these advantages quickly, effectively and efficiently to your mobile devices?

Whether you have an out of the box implementation for hundreds of devices in a local site or you need to update thousands of mobile computers around the world already in use inside or outside your four walls, then MCL Deployment Manager ensures that devices are always loaded with the most current software.

MCL Deployment Manager offers a quick-start in realizing the ROI on your MCL installations.

Want to know more about MCL-Deployment Manager, click here.

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MCL-Bridge for WebServices Released

MCL-Bridge for WebServicesIn the previous 'Connected' edition we announced MCL-Bridge for WebServices. Now, following some successful pre-release implementations we are pleased to officially release the MCL-Bridge for WebServices to the market.

Web services is an industry standard technology for deploying, and providing access to, business functions over a company’s in-house intranet or the World Wide Web. Using Web services enables MCL applications to be integrated more rapidly, easily, and cost effectively than ever before.

As part of MCL-Collection, the MCL-Bridge for Web Services extends all the MCL benefits to the mobile workforce. The MCL-Bridge keeps workers connected regardless of whether they have constant warehouse WiFi connectivity, or occasional GSM/3G connectivity while delivering goods across the country.
MCL-Bridge for Web Services comes as a separate package and integrates with MCL-Net, MCL’s wireless communication server. It is fully integrated and compliant with all other features offered within MCL-Net including extensive logging, load balancing, and scalability options. This is ideal for all types of server installations, from just a few devices up to thousands of devices.

MCL-Net licenses will allow users to open the MCL-Bridge for Web Services and benefit from the advantages instantly.

Want to know more about MCL-Bridge for WebService, click here.

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