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MCL-Collection’s main development environment — MCL-Designer — creates intelligent, multimodal applications that run on mobile computers and barcode printers. Designed to create robust, industrial use applications, MCL-Designer is a rapid application development tool for making data capture applications in a very short time.

Not only does MCL-Designer help you create the application that runs a device, it also includes features to help accelerate the application’s host integration to ODBC databases, BackOffice applications, warehouse management systems (WMS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

For those interested in implementing voice recognition in your mobile computer applications, MCL-Designer also has a voice add-on.

With a complete range of device plug-ins available, MCL-Designer supports an extensive list of mobile computers (PDA-like devices) made by a number of manufacturers and printers made by Datamax.

Feature Benefit
High-productivity development environment Quickly create sophisticated, enterprise-ready, mobile workforce, data capture applications with cross-platform portability
Multimodal Applications Create applications that combine technologies such as barcode scanners, touch screens, keyboards, signature capture, imagers, radio frequency identification, global positioning systems, displays, printers, and voice recognition in one application
Migrate Wizard Import, convert, upgrade, and enhance your Symbol DR-DOS MCL applications to run on Symbol/Motorola MC3000, MC1000, MC50 or MC9000
Graphical User Interface Use graphical, high productivity features such as dialogue boxes, radio buttons, drag-and drop, cut-and-paste, screen viewer, screen copy, screen insert, and screen delete to accelerate development
Processes Implement sophisticated application logic quickly via MCL-Designer’s built-in “processes” to facilitate host access, file manipulation, mathematical computations, communications, and more
Custom Library Accelerate development by creating a library of your own frequently used MCL objects for reuse in numerous projects and applications
Thick Client/Server Architecture Create device resident applications that control and take advantage of all the unique features of each mobile computer
Simulator & Advanced Debugger Simulate your application during development. Debug your application with line-by-line control. MCL-Designer’s Simulator, Debugger, and Verifier are unsurpassed in the industry for application development, testing, and on-going maintenance
Report Generator Boost productivity and quality assurance; automatically create comprehensive documentation with the click of a mouse. MCL-Designer unburdens you from the tedious, yet critical, task of keeping your documentation in-sync with your applications
Communications Create mobile applications that transition seamlessly back and forth between:
  • Real-time communications and batch communications
  • Continuously connected and occasionally connected states
  • WLAN, WWAN and wired communications environments

Simplify and accelerate development of data capture applications. MCL-Collection has a development tool for every need...
Easily integrate your data capture applications with your host systems - database, BackOffice application, WMS or ERP system...
Quickly deploy your MCL-Collection solutions. Then, easily adapt your deployment over time to suit your evolving business needs...
Keep your deployments running smoothly with MCL-Collection's full range of management products...
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