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Talk and Listen to Your Mobile Computers

Using voice recognition technology and text-to-speech capabilities, MCL-Collection with Voice, known as MCL-Voice, allows you to:

  • Create voice-directed mobile worker applications

  • Voice-enable traditional mobile worker applications

What can be more natural than talking and listening to your mobile computer?

With its natural user interface and hands-free operation, voice can boost productivity in virtually any mobile application, such as warehouse picking, for example. Such an operation might proceed something like this:

  • Warehouse management system (WMS) sends step-by-step picking instructions to the picker’s mobile computer

  • MCL-Voice, running on the mobile computer, converts the picking instructions into speech prompts that the picker hears by listening to a headset connected to the mobile computer

  • As the pick operation progresses, the picker replies to the speech prompts by speaking into a microphone connected to the mobile computer

  • MCL-Voice, on the mobile computer, converts the picker’s speech input into data that it sends to the WMS system via MCL-Net and MCL-Bridge

  • When a pick task is completed and confirmed, and exceptions, such as shortages have been handled, WMS sends the next work assignment to the picker

You can create 100% speech-driven operations with real-time voice dialogues between your users and your host systems, like that described above, for any operation in your organization.

For operations that can be performed more effectively using a combination of technologies, use MCL-Voice to create multimodal applications. In other words, combine voice with, for example, barcode scanning. Then, to maximize task efficiency and overall worker productivity, use voice for some steps of your operations and barcode scanning, touch screens, and so on, for other steps.

What’s more, since MCL-Voice is built on MCL-Collection’s core products, you can deploy voice and non-voice applications on the same deployment infrastructure. You can also share a pool of mobile computers amongst your voice and non-voice users and, even better, run voice and non-voice applications on the same mobile computer. Consider the benefit of using a device for warehouse voice picking during one shift and for warehouse non-voice operations on the next shift.

Note: MCL-Voice products are available to Certified Voice Partners only

Add-on component to MCL-Designer to voice-enable your mobile computing applications

MCL-Client with voice recognition and TTS (text-to-speech) capabilities

Software to edit user voice profiles, create/edit voice users, set user preferences, and set recognition/decoding parameters

Software to get objective voice data, check voice recognition quality, and track and correct voice issues

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