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Bridge the Gap to Your Host

Whether you have a host database, BackOffice application, Warehouse Management System (WMS), or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, MCL-Collection provides the tools you need to quickly and easily integrate your mobile application to your host.

Based on a modular architecture, MCL-Collection provides two layers — a communications layer and a host interface layer — to integrate your MCL applications with your host.

The first layer is comprised of communications servers:

Handles batch, point-to-point, serial uploads and downloads

Handles data in real-time over WiFi, GPRS, and Ethernet for networked, concurrent users

The second layer consists of MCL-Bridges that sit on top of the communications servers and provide the interface with your host system(s).

What’s more, MCL-Collection’s modular architecture enables MCL-Link and MCL-Net to use multiple MCL-Bridges concurrently. This allows your MCL application to update, for example, SAP, Oracle, and an Excel spreadsheet all at the same time. Drive your shop floor operations from SAP and, at the same time, record the transactions in an Excel spreadsheet to give your operations manager a quick summary of the day’s activities.

Bridge the gap between your shop floor or field application and your host application… And with this host access, keep your operations running smoothly while assuring timely and accurate data.

Whether you have a mobile computing application or a barcode label printing application, use this bridge to integrate your MCL application to your host ODBC database.

This bridge consists of two main components:

  • A development module — a standard feature of MCL-Designer — provides a series of ODBC processes to simplify and accelerate integration of your MCL application with your host database.
  • A deployment module — a standard feature of MCL-Link and MCL-Net — executes the ODBC custom scripts you create using MCL-Designer’s ODBC processes.

Use this bridge to integrate your MCL application with any host application.

This bridge — a DLL included as a standard feature of MCL-Designer — is a library of routines that allows you to create your own host interface.

MCL-Bridge for Web Services is based on industry standards for when two systems interchange data over the Web.
It utilizes Web Services Description Language (WSDL), an XML based language, which is used for describing the functionality offered by a Web Service. Furthermore, it is uses a Microsoft MSXML Library, which makes it easy to integrate as there is a wide community of Web Services developers implementing their Web Services on same standards. Not only will this result in shorter application development times, it also benefits the overall implementation costs.

Use this bridge to give your mobile computing application or barcode label printing application access to your SAP system, via MCL-Link or MCL-Net.

Certified by SAP, this bridge involves:

  • A development component — MCL-Designer Add-on for SAP — that allows you to develop IDOC and RFC/BAPI custom scripts to integrate your MCL application with your SAP system.
  • Deployment components that execute the custom scripts you create using MCL-Designer with its MCL-Designer Add-on for SAP.
    • MCL-Bridge for SAP : IDOC
    • MCL-Bridge for SAP : RFC/BAPI

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