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Unlock the Power of MCL-Collection

MCL Technologies offers certification courses for MCL-Bridge for SAP and for MCL-Voice.

These certifications are designed to help you succeed with the implementation of data capture solutions in these challenging environments.

Certification is not required to use any of the other MCL-Collection products. Nevertheless, training continues to be highly recommended to make the most of your MCL investment.

MCL-Bridge for SAP

The MCL-Bridge for SAP certification is required before you implement an MCL solution in an SAP environment. Please be advised that MCL Technologies will not give you any support if you attempt such a project without first being certified.

This is a required certification to receive support on the following products:

  • MCL-Designer Add-on for SAP

  • MCL-Bridge for SAP: IDOC

  • MCL-Bridge for SAP: RFC/BAPI


The successful completion of the MCL-Voice certification trainings is one of the mandatory requirements before becoming a Certified Voice Partner.

Companies that meet all of the Certification Requirements have many benefits:

  • Lists your company in an online directory of Certified Voice Partners

  • Entitles your company to purchase MCL-Voice products

  • Gives your organization access to MCL Support for MCL-Voice products

  • Develops your organization’s best practices technical skills to implement voice enabled applications

  • Provides your sales organization an understanding of the benefits voice brings to mobile workforce deployments

  • Elicits customer confidence in your organization’s ability to deliver successful voice enabled applications

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