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Create, Integrate, Deploy — Data Capture Solutions

OEM’d by all the major mobile computer manufacturers, MCL-Collection is the leading software offering for you to create, integrate, deploy, and manage intelligent Auto-ID applications for mobile computers and barcode label printers.

Specializing in high-productivity products for Auto-ID, our products significantly reduce the time it takes to create and deploy data capture solutions… from months to weeks, and from weeks to days…

Create end-to-end solutions for mobile computers and barcode printers. With a modular, component-based architecture, MCL-Collection’s core products are the building blocks for any data collection application.

Integrate your mobile computing and barcode printing applications directly to your SAP system. With direct access to SAP from the shop floor, your workers can follow a natural workflow while assuring complete system integrity.

Create speech-driven applications using voice recognition and text-to-speech.

Wearing a headset for complete hands-free operation, a mobile worker uses speech to interface with mobile applications. Using this most natural of user interfaces, the worker enters data by speaking into the microphone and receives step-by-step work instructions by listening to the headset.

Use MCL-Collection Voice to make voice dedicated applications. For operations that require greater data capture flexibility, create multimodal applications that combine voice recognition with other data capture technologies — barcode scanning, keyboards, display, touch screens, and more.

Create printer resident applications that print barcode labels with dynamic content from barcode scanners, weigh scales, product lookup tables, and more. Plus, take advantage of MCL-Collection’s component-based architecture to mix-and-match mobile computers and barcode label printers in the same deployment environment.

Accelerate large scale deployments. Simplify the initial configuration and on-going management of mobile computing and barcode printing deployments.

Secure your MCL applications from unauthorized use. Demonstrate, sell, or lease your applications knowing they are license protected. Encrypt your applications to ensure your copyright protection.

Migrate your legacy Symbol DR-DOS terminal applications to the latest generation of devices. MCL Technologies remains committed to supporting your legacy applications.

Simplify and accelerate development of data capture applications. MCL-Collection has a development tool for every need...
Easily integrate your data capture applications with your host systems - database, BackOffice application, WMS or ERP system...
Quickly deploy your MCL-Collection solutions. Then, easily adapt your deployment over time to suit your evolving business needs...
Keep your deployments running smoothly with MCL-Collection's full range of management products...
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