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If you use SAP to drive your “shop-floor” operations in retail, warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, or transportation and logistics and want to improve your shop-floor worker productivity or your shop-floor related SAP data integrity, you need MCL-Bridge for SAP. This high-productivity, fully integrated software allows you to interface activities right from the point of activity, directly into SAP.

An optional component of MCL-Collection, MCL-Bridge for SAP is a technical interface between MCL and SAP. It ‘sits’ on top of MCL-Link or MCL-Net and gives your applications direct access to SAP using standard interfaces:

  • Remote Function Calls (RFC)
  • Intermediate Documents (IDOC)
  • Business Object Application Program Interface (BAPI)

Once deployed, MCL-Bridge for SAP executes the IDOC and RFC/BAPI custom scripts you create using MCL-Designer and its add-on for SAP.

With its development component, deployment components, and modular approach, MCL-Collection has everything you need to create a complete end-to-end solution with SAP.

Note: MCL-Bridge for SAP is an SAP certified interface.

Feature Benefit
Tailored user interfaces Maximize worker productivity with interactive exchanges between the worker and your SAP system
Local validations Take your SAP system off the critical path for operations

Create a natural work flow for your operations around the movement of physical goods rather than being restricted to SAP’s view of the data
Support for all MCL enabled devices Provide the same interface to SAP regardless of the features and form factor of a given mobile computer or barcode printer
Multimodal approach Create an unbroken link between SAP and shop-floor equipment, such as scales, intelligent sensors, PLCs, and others

Mix and match technologies to maximize worker productivity while maintaining full conformity to SAP standards
Modular architecture Take advantage of its scalable and flexible deployment architecture to adapt to your changing requirements as your business evolves
Multiple SAP transactions from a single shop-floor entry Ensure your complete SAP data integrity with controlled propagation of a single transaction
Multiple systems updates from a single shop-floor entry Ensure system coherency and data integrity across your entire enterprise with the automatic posting of a single transaction to multiple systems
Operator or system driven operations Enjoy the best of both worlds — operations flexibility while still maintaining SAP data integrity

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