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Activate your MCL-Collection PC-based software license using Hardware Key Activation and make your software PC independent for maximum deployment flexibility.

Using a unique serial number found on each Hardware Key, the license activation process ties your software license to the given Hardware Key. This gives you the freedom to run your software on any PC. Just install and activate the software on another PC using the same License Certificate and Hardware Key as you used for the original activation. Then, simply move the given Hardware Key from PC to PC when you want to run the software on one of the alternative PCs.

What’s more, all MCL software to be run on one PC may be license activated against the same Hardware Key. Keep in mind, however, that if you want to run these products concurrently, they must always be run together, on the same PC.

If, on the other hand, you want to be able to run several MCL products at the same time on different PCs, be sure to license activate each product using a different Hardware Key.

Of course, if an MCL software product is installed and activated on several PCs, it will only function in full featured mode on the computer that physically has the Hardware Key attached to it. Any computer without the given Hardware Key runs the MCL software in demo mode only.

Hardware Key Activation is available for MCL-Collection PC-based software — MCL-Designer, MCL-Link, MCL-Net, and more.

  • Software deployment flexibility
  • Easy software transfer from PC to PC
  • IT maintenance — PCs and servers running MCL software can be completely upgraded or replaced without impacting your MCL software licenses
  • The Hardware Keys are small and designed not to interfere with your regular computer operation

MCL-Collection V2.5 and greater PC-based software products may also be Hardware Key Activated. The process is identical to that of MCL-Collection V3 products.

MCL-Code Interpreter license units are shipped on a parallel port dongle key only. The license activation is handled by MCL-Loader V2.5. The MCL-Code Interpreter units dongle must be installed on the computer before you start the activation process.

Important Notes
Choose carefully between Software Key Activation and Hardware Key Activation before activating your software.

  • You cannot change from a Software Key Activation to a Hardware Key Activation under any circumstances.

  • You can change from a Hardware Key Activation to a Software Key Activation. However, a transfer procedure and administration fee apply.

  • If you rent, lease or frequently retire PCs and therefore want to be able to move your software from computer to computer, then use Hardware Key Activation
Hardware Keys must be ordered separately and installed on the computer before you begin the activation process.
Your PC or server must have a port available for Hardware Key installation.
You must Hardware Key activate a license on every PC where you want to run its related software. The activation process generates an MCL.Key file that resides on the PC where the activation is performed. The MCL.Key file is not written onto the Hardware Key, and therefore does not travel from PC to PC with the Hardware Key.

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