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Accelerate Enterprise Deployments

Consider the scenario where you have an MCL application ready for deployment on 3,500 mobile computers throughout your enterprise. You are eager to get the application deployed and start realizing the ROI on your devices as quickly as possible. Your device population includes several models of devices made by a variety of manufacturers. You may even want to install different applications from device to device according to the role a given device plays in your operations. For example, you may want to run a warehouse voice picking application on a wearable device, a cross-docking application on a vehicle-mounted device, and an asset tracking application on a gun device. Plus, since you have a global enterprise, you require local language support for your voice picking application in each country where you have a warehouse.

How do you manage such a complex deployment? …the answer is MCL-Deployment Manager.

MCL-Deployment Manager allows you to automate the process of downloading the right MCL-Client, the right languages for MCL-Voice installations, and the right applications to the right device, at the right site, at the right time. Whether for initial deployment or on-going maintenance updates, MCL-Deployment Manager helps you manage your devices and keep them current with the latest releases.

Using a top-down hierarchical approach, MCL-Deployment Manager lets you define sites, then deployment configurations per site, and finally a device list per site. With the deployment configuration defined, simply schedule and launch the deployment. Job done!

Feature Benefit
Web application Manage your devices from any browser on your intranet
Site definition Define deployment configurations and device lists by site
Deployment configuration List the software packages to be downloaded to a device
Device list List the various device models used at the given site
Device configuration Associate deployment configurations with the various devices used at the given site
Scheduled updates Schedule when your devices are to be updated with the assigned deployment configuration
Site Administration Control and restrict deployment management to authorized users only. Various levels of access are granted to Site Managers, Site Integrators, and Team Leaders.

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