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MCL Technologies offers OEM branded versions and MCL branded versions of its software products. Decide which you want BEFORE making any purchases.

OEM Versus MCL Branded

Whether you purchase an OEM branded product or an MCL branded product is more of a business decision than a technical decision. The software functions the same regardless of the brand you use.

Think of the MCL brand as a cross-manufacturer brand. For example, an MCL branded MCL-Client license will activate any/all MCL branded MCL-Client software for all supported manufacturers.

Regardless of whether you choose an OEM branded product or an MCL branded product, the software package you download and install must match the brand of the license you purchase.

Similarly, as described below, the brand of MCL-Net additional users you purchase must match the brand of your MCL-Net.

Hardware Key

MCL-Collection software is available for electronic order fulfillment and Web activation.

Two methods of activation — Software Key Activation and Hardware Key Activation — are available for most of our PC-based products.

If you decide to use Hardware Key Activation, you must purchase Hardware Key(s) separately. Refer to Ordering Hints for more information about Hardware Keys.

Note: Regardless of the activation method you use, the software product ordering number is the same.

Note: MCL-Clients cannot be Hardware Key Activated.

MCL-Designer V3

You need at least one MCL-Designer to develop MCL V3 applications. If someone else is developing your applications, this is an optional purchase for you. More

MCL-Client V3

You need one MCL-Client for each and every device that is to run an MCL V3 application. More

MCL-Client Voice

To run a voice application created with MCL-Designer and MCL-Designer Voice Add-on, you need a special version of MCL-Client, called MCL-Client Voice.

These clients are licensed to support 2 or 4 languages, such as English and Spanish or French, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.

Note: MCL-Voice products are available to Certified Voice Partners only.

MCL-Link V3 and MCL-Net V3

Every MCL deployment needs at least one of these communications components. You may need several depending on how you configure your system and distribute your devices. More

MCL-Bridges V3

Some MCL Bridges are included with other components as standard capabilities. Others require separate purchase. More

123 Print

You typically need 123 Print or an MCL-Designer for Datamax, but not both, to create barcode label printing applications.

If someone else is developing your applications, this is an optional purchase for you.

Note: 123 Print creates applications to insert variable content into existing label formats and print the resulting label; it does not design Label Formats.

DMXNet Manager

This is a free product. Order your no cost license from Datamax.

MCL-Protect and MCL-ProKey

This software is available from MCL Technologies upon special request only. Please contact us if you are interested in protecting your MCL applications.

In Europe, these capabilities are offered only as a service through ScanSource Europe.

V3 Bundled Products

Several product bundles, called MCL-Collection, are available for purchase. These bundles typically include the following core components: More

V3 Add on Purchases

Your organization already has an MCL solution deployed. You want to expand your deployment. However, you are new to the project, so you are not sure what to buy. More

Legacy Products

MCL-Collection V2 products are still available for purchase from Motorola/Symbol and their channel partners.

Simplify and accelerate development of data capture applications. MCL-Collection has a development tool for every need...
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