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Put the Intelligence in the Printer

1.   Create       2.   Capture       3.   Map       …Print!

123 Print is an all-in-one product for label creation, data capture design, and label mapping to create dynamic labels for Datamax printers. The resulting printing application can be simulated, debugged, and deployed to drive your printing process.

Whether for static labels or dynamic labels, use 123 Print’s application design environment to create labels that fulfill your operational needs.

By putting the intelligence in the printer, using 123 Print, you’ll never again need an intermediate PC server to create and send labels to your printers.

Feature Benefit
Create, edit or import label formats Add labels to your 123 Print application
User interface Create applications that prompt the user for input during operations

Insert the captured data into the given label format before printing
Data capture Receive user input from the printer’s front panel, an external keyboard, a barcode scanner, a weight scale, or other peripheral
Lookup Files Use captured data input as a key to retrieve operational information from a lookup file

Insert the retrieved data into the given label format before printing
Processes Use processes to perform logical manipulation of the captured data input, such as price calculations based on weight from a scale
Dynamic label Merge captured data into a label format to convert a static label into a dynamic label
Replace By Replace a static label element with a variable data capture input using 123 Print’s easy to use graphical mapping interface
Mappable elements Map variable content to static text, barcodes, and graphic images
Automatic label detection View the image of your label when you use label formats made by Seagull Scientific’s BarTender
Simulator Simulate your routines during development.

Assure yourself that your applications are error-free and work as desired before you download them into a production environment
Debugger Debug your routines during development.

View your screens, files, variables, and MCL Code dynamically as you run your application. Set break points to help isolate any problems.
Printer Controls Connect to a Datamax printer directly from 123 Print to request the printer status, initiate a printer control, load a file(s), load a project, or execute a script

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