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Put the Intelligence in the Printer

Whether for end-to-end printing solutions with host integration or stand-alone printing applications, MCL-Collection for Datamax allows you to create, integrate and deploy barcode label printing applications for all your operational needs.

Jut as MCL applications normally reside on mobile computers, here they reside and run directly on Datamax desktop thermal printers. In fact, in the MCL Architecture: Core Components animation, simply 'replace' the mobile computer with Datamax printer to create your complete printing solution.

Driven by input from barcode scanners, weigh scales, product lookup tables, and more, MCL-Collection for Datamax allows you to create and print barcode labels with dynamic content. For example, print an item label with a product code, price, the item’s weight, the price per unit of measure, and a ‘best before’ date if perishable goods are involved. Plus, since MCL puts the intelligence in the printer, you can collect and insert this variable content into the label format ‘on-demand’ at the moment the label is being printed.

MCL uses standard Datamax label formats. Your MCL application can print these label formats ‘as is’ or go one step further and enhance the label by replacing static print fields with variable content, adding images, changing print fonts, and more.

What’s more, this also means you can replace old legacy printers with Datamax printers. Since your old printers are driven by host applications, you can create an application that runs on the printer, parses the legacy print format sent by your host, extracts relevant information and inserts it into your Datamax label format.

To create and deploy barcode label printing applications, simply use MCL-Collection’s Core Components — MCL-Designer, MCL-Client, MCL-Link, MCL-Net, and MCL-Bridge. The only components in this ensemble that are printer specific are the MCL-Client and MCL-Designer Device Plug-in (DDP) that you use. As a result, in your live deployment, it is transparent to MCL’s core components whether you are running a mobile computing application or a barcode label printing application. Consequently, you can have a mixture of mobile computers and barcode label printers running on the same deployment infrastructure.

To create a printing application, simply use MCL-Designer with one of the MCL-Designer DDP provided for Datamax printers.

Printer resident software. Executes, on the Datamax barcode label printer, the application you create using MCL-Designer or 123 Print.

In addition to the core component support for printers, MCL-Collection also includes some products that are uniquely for printers.

All-in-one development tool for label creation, data capture design, and label mapping to create dynamic labels for Datamax printers. 123 Print creates barcode label applications that run as stand-alone applications on Datamax printers.

Product to centrally manage your networked Datamax printers — from initial deployment configuration to on-going supervision and control.

MCL mobile application to manage your networked Datamax printers from a mobile computer

This is an MCL project. Coming soon to the App Center.

Simplify and accelerate development of data capture applications. MCL-Collection has a development tool for every need...
Easily integrate your data capture applications with your host systems - database, BackOffice application, WMS or ERP system...
Quickly deploy your MCL-Collection solutions. Then, easily adapt your deployment over time to suit your evolving business needs...
Keep your deployments running smoothly with MCL-Collection's full range of management products...
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