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MCL Technologies products are distributed worldwide through our OEM Technology Partners and select Distributors. We do not have any direct sales; this is in accordance with our company philosophy not to compete with our Solution Integrators.

We offer OEM branded versions and MCL branded versions of our products.

The OEM branded versions are ONLY available through the respective OEM Technology Partner and are specific to ONLY that partner’s devices.

The MCL branded versions are ONLY available through our Distributor Partners. Unless otherwise indicated, these products are cross-manufacturer compatible.

OEM Branded MCL-Collection

To purchase an OEM branded version of our software, contact the corresponding OEM Technology Partner or one of its channel partners. Each OEM Technology Partner has its own part numbers for the MCL-Collection products it OEMs for its devices.

OEM Partner More Information OEM Part Numbers
CipherLab Ordering Guide
Datalogic Ordering Guide
Datamax Ordering Guide
Honeywell Ordering Guide
Intermec Ordering Guide
Motorola/Symbol Ordering Guide
Psion Teklogix Ordering Guide
Unitech Europe Ordering Guide

Note: There are no OEM versions of MCL-Collection software for the following manufacturers: LXE, . To use MCL-Collection on these manufacturers’ devices, use the MCL branded version of our software.

MCL Branded MCL-Collection

To purchase the MCL branded version of our software, contact one of our Distributors or one their Resellers.

Distributor More Information Distributor Part Numbers
Insignia Ordering Guide
ScanSource Europe Ordering Guide
ScanSource, Inc Ordering Guide

Becoming an MCL Technologies Reseller

MCL Technologies does not have direct resellers, but rather the software is OEM’d directly to our Technology Partners or sold through distribution. This business model is driven by our commitment to build win-win business relationships without channel conflicts with anyone.

As a result, if you are an authorized manufacturer’s partner for one of our OEM Technology Partners, you can purchase the given OEM branded MCL-Collection software through your regular channel with that manufacturer. This allows you to maintain your purchasing relationship as well as leverage your purchasing power with the given manufacturer.

Similarly, if you are an authorized reseller for one of our Distributors, you have direct purchasing capability to the MCL branded MCL-Collection products.

Further Assistance

Please contact MCL Technologies’ Sales Inquiries and Business Development associates if you need further assistance about where and what to purchase. We are here to help you.

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