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Mix-and-Match the Building Blocks

For deployments large and small, MCL-Collection has the components and tools you need to make quick deployments. Plus, thanks to MCL-Collection’s scalable, modular architecture, your deployments can easily evolve over time as your business grows.

Design a deployment that involves mobile computers or barcode label printers, wired or wireless networks, a centralized or decentralized structure, operations inside the four walls of your enterprise or in the field… The choice is yours.

Deploy thousands of mobile devices with networked host access over WiFi or GPRS using MCL-Net, or deploy a handful of devices with end-of-shift data uploads over a serial cable or telephone modem, using MCL-Link… MCL-Collection can handle the mobile worker transactions of any enterprise — large or small.

Mix and match only the components you need, and take advantage of MCL-Collection’s flexibility to tailor your deployment to fit your operational needs.

What’s more, for large scale deployments, MCL-Collection includes management tools to help with the initial configuration and on-going version control of your devices to dramatically accelerate the deployment process and help keep your deployment running smoothly thereafter.

Executes, on the mobile computer or barcode label printer, the application you create using one of MCL-Collection’s development tools.

MCL-Client with voice recognition and TTS (text-to-speech) capabilities

Communications server. Software for batch, point-to-point serial uploads and downloads over RS232, USB, modem, or PPP. Handles communications for one terminal at a time.

Includes the deployment module for MCL-Bridge for ODBC.

A reduced functionality version of MCL-Link. Not available as a standard product.

Available only from OEM Technology Partners as part of bundled package offerings for specific targeted devices.

Communications server. Software for real-time, networked communications over Ethernet, WiFi or GPRS. Handles communications for concurrent users.

Includes the deployment module for MCL-Bridge for ODBC.

Host access from your mobile computer or barcode printing application to your SAP system, via MCL-Link or MCL-Net. Executes the scripts you create using MCL-Designer Add-on for SAP

Product for initial configuration and ongoing version control of MCL-Client and MCL applications for mobile computers in large scale deployments

Product to centrally manage your networked Datamax printers — from initial deployment configuration to on-going supervision and control

Benefits of MCL-Collection’s Flexible, Modular Deployment Architecture
  • Building blocks to customize host access, network size, and communications modes

  • Easy concurrent access to host applications, ODBC compliant databases, warehouse management systems (WMS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

  • Scalable deployments from 1 to 62,500 concurrent mobile terminals per server

  • Efficient for small system deployments

  • Powerful and optimized for large distributed system deployments

  • Real-time, on-demand, or batch data communications

    • Seamless, transparent transitions back and forth between these modes of communication

  • Continuously, casually, or occasionally connected users

    • Seamless, transparent transitions back and forth between these states of connection

Simplify and accelerate development of data capture applications. MCL-Collection has a development tool for every need...
Easily integrate your data capture applications with your host systems - database, BackOffice application, WMS or ERP system...
Quickly deploy your MCL-Collection solutions. Then, easily adapt your deployment over time to suit your evolving business needs...
Keep your deployments running smoothly with MCL-Collection's full range of management products...
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