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A key component of MCL-Collection’s modular, component-based architecture, MCL-Bridge for ODBC is comprised of two components — a development component and a deployment component.

What’s more, the development component is integrated into MCL-Designer as a standard feature. Similarly, the deployment component is integrated into MCL-Link and MCL-Net as a standard feature of those core components.

To simplify and accelerate development of ODBC functions in your applications, MCL-Designer provides you with a comprehensive list of processes:

  • Insert new record
  • Select record
  • Update record
  • Delete record
  • Import file into database
  • Export file into database
  • Update database from file
  • Free SQL command

When you use these processes in your application, MCL-Designer incorporates them into your application. It also automatically generates a custom ODBC script containing the necessary SQL statements to perform the given operation. When you run your application on a mobile computer or barcode printer, the MCL-Bridge for ODBC deployment component executes this corresponding ODBC script.

Feature Benefit
Standard Feature Access your ODBC databases using MCL-Collection’s core products
Built-in processes Accelerate access to your ODBC databases using proven SQL commands to assure reliable, controlled, secure database access and data integrity
Support for all MCL enabled devices Provide the same interface to your database regardless of the features and form factor of a given mobile computer or barcode printer
Modular architecture Take advantage of MCL-Collection’s flexible, scalable deployment architecture to adapt your deployment to your evolving business needs.

Today, use MCL-Link with its integrated MCL-Bridge for ODBC. Tomorrow, use MCL-Net with its integrated MCL-Bridge for ODBC
ODBC transactions Ensure your database data integrity with controlled propagation of operational transactions
Multiple system updates Ensure system coherency and data integrity across your entire enterprise with the automatic posting of a single transaction to multiple systems

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