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Put the Intelligence in the Printer

1.   Configure       2.   Supervise       3.   Control       …Manage!

From initial deployment configuration to on-going supervision and control, use DMXNet Manager for the lifetime management of your Datamax printer network.

With its friendly graphical user interface, DMXNet Manager allows you to quickly configure your printers. Then, with status indicators, a supply warning system, and a global view, DMXNet Manager lets you supervise your networked printers at-a-glance. Finally, using its printer controls, supply controls and supply management capabilities, use DMXNet Manager to manage your printers proactively to keep your operations running smoothly.

Whether deploying or managing your printers, DMXNet Manager’s centralized, remote control of your enterprise-wide distributed printers saves you significant time and lowers your costs. And when you reduce printer downtime with DMXNet Manager, you will also reduce operations downtime and related loss of productivity costs.

Feature Benefit
Configuration Quickly add a new printer to your network by duplicating the configuration of an existing printer

Use printer profiles to assure yourself that each printer gets the right configuration
Supervision Mode Configure many printers at once
Status Indicators Be alerted to the Connection Status, Printer Status, and Media Status of your printers so you can react quickly to any printer issue
Warnings Be alerted to low supply conditions and maintenance requirements so you can proactively service your printers without impacting your operations
Multiple views Manage your enterprise-wide distributed printers easily using various views — icon view, details view, tree view and communication view
Add / Delete group Group your printers logically for topological viewing and easy management
Printer controls Request printer status, initiate a printer control, load a file(s), load a project, or execute a script

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