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Unwire Your Workers

With its modular, component-based architecture, MCL-Collection provides communications servers to handle the communications requirements between your mobile computing and barcode printing applications and your host systems.

MCL-Net is the communications server that manages your application’s wireless communications for concurrent users in WiFi and WWAN deployments.

What’s more, MCL-Net is extremely scalable. With the ability to handle from just one device up to 62,500 devices per server, MCL-Net can handle the mobile worker transactions for any enterprise — large or small.

Plus, MCL-Net is very flexible. Whether for supporting users with continuous wireless coverage in warehouse operations such as receiving, put-away, picking, or shipping; or users who roam in and out of functional work areas with and without wireless coverage such as an airplane cargo hold in a transport hub; or users who connect to a wireless network only sporadically, as required, for proof of delivery in long haul trucking, MCL-Net supports the full range of wireless connectivity options.

For all your wireless communications requirements, MCL-Net delivers.

Feature Benefit
Ease of Installation Install and manage MCL-Net with minimal training
Minimum Network Traffic Minimize the impact on your existing system resources
Version Control Ensure that you have the correct version of your application running on the mobile computer or barcode label printer at all times
Scalability Expand your configuration over time as your business grows
Flexible Network Architecture Co-locate or geographically distribute your instances of MCL-Net to suit your corporate structure
Optimization Maximize worker productivity while minimizing the impact on your existing systems
Guaranteed Data Delivery Assure the integrity of your data. Sound business decisions require sound data.
Extremely Low Resource Usage Minimize resource requirements

MCL-Net easily handles millions of business transactions daily.

In one customer’s load test, MCL-Net used 1% of the CPU time while the customer’s Oracle database used 80% of the CPU time to handle the same transactions
Very Fast Response Time Maximize worker efficiency
Minimum Latency Maximize worker productivity regardless of the network mediums you use — Ethernet LAN, Internet, WLAN or WWAN
Resiliency Keep your workforce working even if you take an MCL-Net server off-line
Load Balancing

Load balance your population of mobile computers

Load balance your network traffic

Load balance your host traffic. Take a host off-line and automatically redistribute mobile computer traffic to other live hosts

Traffic Monitor Monitor the traffic between devices and MCL-Net to assist in the troubleshooting of any communications issues
Back-up Server Continue your operations without interruption in the event of planned server maintenance, server backup, or server upgrade, or in the case of unfortunate events such as hardware failure or virus attack

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