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MCL-Collection is license protected software. A license grants you permission to use one copy of a software product in full featured mode.

Existing Customers

Thank you for your business! If you already own MCL-Collection software and simply want to look up your licensing information to, for example, move your software from one PC to another (assuming the software is Hardware Key activated), then please visit our MCL Licensing website.

New Customers

Welcome to MCL-Collection! Before purchasing or activating your MCL-Collection software, please be sure you understand the licensing procedure described in these pages. The license activation method must suit your long-term deployment requirements. Selecting an inappropriate license activation method for your environment today could result in future costs that could easily be avoided by choosing a more suitable method now.

The process of applying an MCL software license to an installed copy of software is called ‘License Activation’.

MCL Technologies offers two methods of license activation for your PC-based MCL software:

  • Software Key Serial Number Activation, or simply Software Key Activation, Software license is tied to the PC on which the software is activated. The license cannot be moved to another PC.
  • Hardware Key Serial Number Activation, or simply Hardware Key Activation, Software license is tied to the Hardware Key against which the software is activated. This gives you PC independence and means that you can move your MCL software from one PC to another. However, the Hardware Key must be present for the software to run in full featured mode.

Be sure you understand the software Activation Process. Decide which license activation method you want to use prior to activating your software. Be aware that if you activate your software using the Software Key method, you cannot change it to use the Hardware Key method at a later time.

MCL-Client is Software Key activated only. The software license is tied to the device on which the MCL-Client is activated and cannot be moved to another device.

MCL-Collection software will run in Demo Mode until you activate it.

Important Notes
Choose carefully between Software Key Activation and Hardware Key Activation before activating your software.
  • You cannot change from a Software Key Activation to a Hardware Key Activation under any circumstances.
  • You can change from a Hardware Key Activation to a Software Key Activation. However, a transfer procedure and administration fee apply.
  • If you rent, lease or frequently retire PCs and therefore want to be able to move your software from computer to computer, then use Hardware Key Activation
Keep a copy of your MCL License Certificate in a safe place for future reference. This license is essentially what you are buying when you purchase an MCL software product.
If you received licensing information but not the actual MCL License Certificate, please ask for it from the Reseller, Distributor or Hardware manufacturer from which you purchased your MCL software. MCL Technologies sends the License Certificate to the email address entered into our online ordering system by the organization placing your software order. If your email address is entered, you will receive the License Certificate directly. The organization placing the order automatically receives a copy of the License Certificate as well
The license number on your License Certificate also enables you to search, retrieve or verify your Activation Status and Activation Key from the MCL License website at

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