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With Software Key Activation, you can license activate your software 100% electronically and start using your new software products today.

Using a serial number that MCL creates from a combination of the various hardware components installed on your PC or server, the license activation process ties your software license to the given computer.

One major advantage of Software Key Activation is that you can install and license MCL software to run on servers without any external communications ports. A disadvantage of this method is that the MCL software may not be transferred to run on a different computer. If you want to be able to move your MCL software from PC to PC, use the Hardware Key Activation method; it gives you the flexibility you want.

Although Software Key Activation does not allow you to transfer your software license from computer to computer, it does support routine PC maintenance. Your MCL software license adapts to incremental hardware changes on your PC.

Plus, you can restore your license on your PC. If, for example, your license activation key file (MCL.Key) is inadvertently deleted from your PC, simply perform the Software Key Activation process again on the same system with the same MCL License Certificate.

To assure yourself of being able to restore your license, be sure to keep your MCL License Certificate in a safe place for future use. Always backup your MCL.Key file too. You will need it to restore your license if you have made any incremental hardware changes on your PC.

Software Key Activation is available for MCL-Collection PC-based products — MCL-Designer, MCL-Link, MCL-Net, and more. MCL-Client is also Software Key Activated.

  • With Software Key Activation and electronic software downloads, no physical shipments are necessary to install and activate your MCL software. You can get started on your MCL project immediately.
  • No Hardware Key, and therefore no external communication port, is required on your PC or server to activate your MCL-Collection software.

MCL-Collection V2.5 and greater PC-based software products may also be Software Key Activated. The process is identical to that of MCL-Collection V3 products.

Important Notes
Software Key Activation ties the software to the given computer. Your software cannot be transferred to another computer. If you rent, lease or frequently retire PCs and, therefore, want to be able to move your software from computer to computer use Hardware Key Activation.
Once the software is activated using the Software Key Activation method, it cannot be changed to the Hardware Key Activation method.
If you want to replace or upgrade components on a PC that is running Software Key activated software, do the maintenance in incremental steps, as follows:
  • Maximum 2 changes, if one change involves a change to the MAC address
  • Maximum 3 changes, if no change to the MAC address
Perform the desired maintenance using incremental changes, as recommended. When the changes have been made, reboot the computer and run every MCL software product installed on that PC. If you want to make more changes to the PC, repeat the process: do the desired incremental maintenance, reboot the PC, and run all MCL software. The MCL license for each product will adapt to the incremental hardware changes and continue to recognize the given system as the valid one.

Be careful with your incremental changes. What you think of as being only one change could be interpreted by the system as two changes. Therefore, the smaller your incremental changes, the better.

Remember to backup the revised MCL.Key file for each product!

If you do not want to manage your PC maintenance with these restrictions, consider using Hardware Key Activation. It does not impose these limitations.

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