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Talk and Listen to Your Mobile Computers

Designed for high performance, industrial-grade voice solutions, such as warehouse voice picking, MCL-Client Voice is a key component of MCL-Voice.

Using MCL-Client Voice, workers, wearing a headset connected to a mobile computer, 1) receive step-by-step work instructions by listening to the headset and 2) enter data by speaking into a microphone.

Take MCL-Client, add to it the MCL voice engine for voice recognition and voice synthesis, and the result is MCL-Client Voice — a terminal resident component of MCL-Collection that executes the MCL applications you create using MCL-Designer plus MCL-Designer Voice Add-on.

With support for multi-lingual, multimodal, multi-applications for multi-users, MCL-Client Voice is flexible to meet your voice operating requirements even in harsh, noisy environments.

Note: MCL-Voice products are available to Certified Voice Partners only

Feature Benefit
Speaker dependent & independent environment Use the system without any adaptation or transcription whatsoever

Alternatively, perform an adaptation or word transcription to improve voice recognition accuracy
Phoneme-based recognizer Use this state-of-the-art, language-based technology to achieve high performance voice recognition. This technology also minimizes the impact of application vocabulary changes
Adaptation Personalize a standard language model according to an individual speaker’s accent and pronunciation characteristics
Word Transcriptions Replace problematic words with speaker recordings
Small to Large Vocabulary Create applications with unlimited vocabulary sizes, thanks to MCL-Voice’s language-based voice recognition technology
Dynamic Grammar Improve voice recognition performance using context specific speech recognition
Continuous speech capable Enjoy high speed speech recognition with no co-articulation issues
High Quality Speech Synthesizer Enjoy human-like voices with options for male and female voices, variable speed, variable volume, and multiple spelling rules
Large number of platforms Deploy voice on a device with the form factor that best suits your operations
Thick-client server architecture Perform speech recognition and speech synthesis directly on the mobile computer — no server or network resources required!
Multimodal Combine voice with barcode scanner, keyboard, touch screen and RFID technologies for best fitting ergonomics and operational efficiency
Multi-application support Increase your ROI by running multiple applications on the same device
Multi-user support Increase your ROI by sharing a pool of devices amongst users and work shifts
Multi-lingual support Available:  

Upon Request:  

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